Jack Wright, Walter Wright & Stephanie Lak at Spring Garden Street

by Stephanie Lak

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Recorded live in Philadelphia at Jack's Spring Garden studio in the summer of 2013. Mixed by Stephanie.

Jack Wright has been a full-time saxophonist of improvisation since 1979, though he began playing as a ten-year-old in 1952. He didn't continue then, basically because he couldn't play chord-change jazz. Before getting back to playing, he studied and reflected on history, philosophy, culture, which he continues to do. He taught and quit that, engaged in radical politics and quit that, began playing again as a free improviser. He has been regularly discouraged but has not stopped. Now seeks to keep a low profile, which is the easy way to go, business-wise. He used to rage and stomp around like a Dionysian; now he can make soft and squeaky sounds, mixed with occasional lion roars and dog barkings. He wears shorts and a beard, and usually a hat. He mostly plays crouched down, with the bell of his horn pressed against his bare thigh and muted sometimes into silence. He sounds electronic at times, but no wires attached, nothing recognizable as saxophone music. He may be obscure but he comes close to doing exactly what he wants in his life, and that is no simple matter for any of us." springgardenmusic.com , for sounds soundcloud.com and writings jackiswright

Walter Wright :: nohtv.wordpress.com/category/improvisation/

Stephanie Lak :: stephanielak.wordpress.com


released March 19, 2014



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